This is a poem I wrote quite some time ago. It is one of my favourite pieces of my own writing to date, so I decided to post it here for those of you eager readers, writers and procrastinators who fancy a quick read! Feel free to be a peeping Tom and have a read. I love to hear interpretations of my poetry.. It proves how everyone takes something completely different from the same piece. Thanks for reading 🙂

It starts as a trickle, deep within the ground,
One day bursting from dark caverns, moaning silent sounds.
The water erodes the toughened ground and carves wrinkles in its face.
Flowing wild, furrowing down, to find a new hiding place.

It gushes down the mountain, with speed and power as a guide.
It begins to slow and mellow coming nearer to the tide.
From waterfall to river, from river to gentle stream,
As quiet as it came to be, the water vanishes under the evening beam.


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