Sleep Remedies: Myths or Simply Still Undiscovered?

We all have those nights don’t we? The nights where you are absolutely exhausted, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t stop your brain and your body from tossing and turning. In fact, the harder you try the more impossible it becomes to sleep! It’s a vicious circle that’s very hard to break free from.

I don’t know about you, but I have tried everything. I literally mean EVERYTHING. From breathing exercises to not eating dairy three hours before I go to sleep to putting away technology an hour before bed, it just didn’t work. (And that dairy one was torture! I LOVE cheese, milk and yogurts.. it’s nearly as bad as asking me not to drink water! Sorry, I know I’m going off the beaten track, but it’s got to be said cows are incredible animals.) Anyway, sleep remedies are something more and more sought after nowadays. Our lives are hectic and often there simply isn’t enough time to think of everything. We live in a world full stress, worry and constant going and it is scarily easy to forget all we have to cherish. This is where Lullaby by Jack Johnson came into my story.

Growing up I always had a huge love for music. My Mam passed on her love of Jack Johnson to me, I could listen to Jack Johnson singing and playing for hours on end and that’s what I did. The song Lullaby was the one that really struck a chord with me. And in this song I found my sleep remedy.

I’m not saying that everyone should go out to download the song, or buy the album and that it will instantly put them to sleep. (Although I do think it is a beautiful, understated song. So of course I would recommend a listen, if just for the sake of good music 🙂 ) What I will say though is that sleep and if needed sleep remedies are unique to each individual. My advice is to find something that reminds you of what you may have temporarily forgotten, the things to cherish. As Chubs from Happy Gilmore would say “find your happy place”, I don’t think he was far off. You know the feeling of warmth you get after a lovely day? It’s been busy but you know it’s going to be a day you remember. I slip into sleep so happily and easily after days like those. I believe that if we can find something, some song, routine or pillow to help us replicate that feeling, then so many sleep issues could be solved.

Sleep is unique to each person, I do wonder whether the sleep remedies which can ‘fix anyone’s sleep issues’ are just a myth. I’m not a doctor, or an expect in the area and my advice may seem too simple, I’m not saying that it is fool proof but it might be worth a shot. Even if it doesn’t help with falling asleep it may just make you smile or you may have found a new music artist to listen to 🙂


A Little Life

Another piece of poetry for you.. This one is much more recent than the last poem I posted (Waterworks) I hope that for those who read it, especially those who can really identify that it inspires hope. Hope to continue through the tougher times to reap the benefits of the good.

Little wishes, little lies,
Little sorrows, little joys,
A little part of me wants it to stop,
And let me rest, not a little but a lot.
Let me be away from life,
Let me be away from strife,
My brain says take me from the pain of each day,
But my heart says grant joy to make me stay.


All alone and far away,
Not for long but for today,
Sing to keep the blues away
And try to last another day.

All alone and far away,
Not for long but for today,
Written down for you to pray,
So you can live another day.

All alone and far away,
Not for long but for today,
Three deep breaths so you can say,
I will live another day.



This is a poem I wrote quite some time ago. It is one of my favourite pieces of my own writing to date, so I decided to post it here for those of you eager readers, writers and procrastinators who fancy a quick read! Feel free to be a peeping Tom and have a read. I love to hear interpretations of my poetry.. It proves how everyone takes something completely different from the same piece. Thanks for reading 🙂

It starts as a trickle, deep within the ground,
One day bursting from dark caverns, moaning silent sounds.
The water erodes the toughened ground and carves wrinkles in its face.
Flowing wild, furrowing down, to find a new hiding place.

It gushes down the mountain, with speed and power as a guide.
It begins to slow and mellow coming nearer to the tide.
From waterfall to river, from river to gentle stream,
As quiet as it came to be, the water vanishes under the evening beam.

So this is me..

Dia duit (Hello) to all.

As this is my first post I thought I’d give anyone who has the patience to read, a little introduction to me, the person behind the words on your screen.

I’m a young woman from Ireland (if you didn’t already guess from my hello). I am passionate about languages, even though my spelling can be questionable at times (Thank God for autocorrect!). I am training to be a primary school teacher and I am a huge rugby fan.

So as you’ve probably already guessed by the very fact that I’m starting a blog, I love to write. Poetry was, and probably still is, my first love. I find it such a release from the chaos of every busy day. Even more importantly though, it releases stress and provides somewhere to escape to when things get tough. I don’t know about you but I think everyone needs some kind of outlet like that, even if it’s as daft as interpretive dance! All jokes aside though, having a break is so important.

For me writing is one break, another hugely important hobby is music. I’m a singer who has a passion for playing her ukulele and guitar. Although admittedly it has gone by the wayside as of late it will be revived again soon… I hope!

To the person who actually set up this account, I must thank you. Maybe you’ll be the only person to read this, maybe you’ll be one of many. Either way, you knew this was something I needed and you helped me to get started, so thank you.

So I realise now that I’m not all that sure what I will be writing about here yet. Although uncertain, what I can guarantee is some variety.

So I suppose I’ll leave it there so as to appear somewhat mysterious and alluring. It may just entice someone who has made the effort to read to the end (go you!) to come back and visit, to see what’s floating in the ashcloud 🙂

Thanks for reading!