My head is in the clouds..

How often do you hear “get your head out of the clouds, you’re not on the tv for God’s sake”? I can only speak for myself but I hear it a lot. I was thinking about those two images in a recent episode of daydreaming my day away.  I thought about having your head in the clouds. It made me nostalgic. If you ever have the good fortune to be at the top of a frosty mountain then you will experience what it’s like to really have your head in the clouds. I can describe it on two levels.  On a basic level it’s not all that different to being surrounded by fog. It doesn’t arouse the senses in any extraordinary way, that is until you think about where you are.. you are in the clouds that you spend your days staring at as you daydream. It’s a pretty amazing feeling once that realisation happens. What on earth (or not on earth) makes condensed water vapour so special?  What has created this perception of clouds being the gateway to heaven? Or somewhere we drift towards when we lack the energy or persistence to be present in the moment? I don’t know the answer. It’s interesting food for thought though.

The clouds are always improvising,  but the culprit is the wind.

I love this quote. We look at life through our everyday lense, rarely if every looking closer. This simple quote says that although something may be right in front of us there are invisible influences in the vicinity.  We do everything we do for a reason.  Each individual has their own reasons. We improvise our way though life. Just like musicians improvising a solo you’ll always hit an off note once in a while but sometimes that riff will just sound perfect. Life can take you anywhere, you just have to let the wind guide you.


So this is me..

Dia duit (Hello) to all.

As this is my first post I thought I’d give anyone who has the patience to read, a little introduction to me, the person behind the words on your screen.

I’m a young woman from Ireland (if you didn’t already guess from my hello). I am passionate about languages, even though my spelling can be questionable at times (Thank God for autocorrect!). I am training to be a primary school teacher and I am a huge rugby fan.

So as you’ve probably already guessed by the very fact that I’m starting a blog, I love to write. Poetry was, and probably still is, my first love. I find it such a release from the chaos of every busy day. Even more importantly though, it releases stress and provides somewhere to escape to when things get tough. I don’t know about you but I think everyone needs some kind of outlet like that, even if it’s as daft as interpretive dance! All jokes aside though, having a break is so important.

For me writing is one break, another hugely important hobby is music. I’m a singer who has a passion for playing her ukulele and guitar. Although admittedly it has gone by the wayside as of late it will be revived again soon… I hope!

To the person who actually set up this account, I must thank you. Maybe you’ll be the only person to read this, maybe you’ll be one of many. Either way, you knew this was something I needed and you helped me to get started, so thank you.

So I realise now that I’m not all that sure what I will be writing about here yet. Although uncertain, what I can guarantee is some variety.

So I suppose I’ll leave it there so as to appear somewhat mysterious and alluring. It may just entice someone who has made the effort to read to the end (go you!) to come back and visit, to see what’s floating in the ashcloud 🙂

Thanks for reading!