For Every Man, Woman and Child.

We must pray for Paris, there is no question but we must also pray for Beirut, Baghdad, Syria. We must pray for our world. Through the atrocities all over the globe we see the misguided in our world. I would not proclaim to be religious but to everyone on this earth I emplore you, pray in your own way. Pray in your own way and think of these atrocities, these global atrocities. We are all human, we are all good and bad. We must all learn this and come to learn from the past to ensure a better future.

It all sounds very grand and simple when I state such a solution. I ensure you, whoever you are taking the time to read and think, that I understand how complex these issues are. I’m sure you understand too, at least we all should try to. It is so difficult to grasp the extent of such an extensive situation. It is especially so when trying to understand from somewhere safe, where you haven’t been directly effected. But we must try to understand and through that, good will prevail. Our humanity will overshadow the darkness and education will guide us towards a safer world. An interesting quote which made me think.. “guns may kill terrorists but education kills terrorism”.

For everyone, every man, woman and child on this earth..

Let the flowers protect us, each petal keep us safe.

Let us be free from worry of the dark, each candle shines bright.

To all the people around the globe, I say to you stand tall.

With the same kindness in our souls, the same life in our bodies.

We are one people in one world of hope.

Stand tall as one people!

Stand tall as one world!

Stand tall for hope!

We must learn from each other,

From the past and the present,

So that life lasts forever,

As we all live in Heaven.


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